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About – 3RM

About 3RM

With a combined experience of over 50 years in Temporary Works as well as additional experience from other sectors and industry the 3RM Team can provide complete solutions for any range of construction and Temporary Works requirements.


3RM Associates are a group of professional, committed and driven individuals that are always looking to learn and develop as individuals and as a company as a whole. This is achieved by maintaining an attitude that of “you can always learn no matter how much experience you may have”. From this we are consistently developing and updating our current knowledge and understanding to ensure we can deliver the correct Temporary Works solution for the project.

The range of services we can provide includes but is noted limited to the following:-


  • Review the project and advise on design and temporary works.
  • Advise on construction / demolition sequence and construction / demolition methods.
  • Review proposed programme durations and costs and advice on any possible savings.


  • We can provide a full review of the proposed design and construction / demolition and advice on any possible savings to programme and costs.
  • Look at the development of the design and construction / demolition methods taking into account all Temporary Works required and proposed construction / demolition sequence.
  • Produce a draft Temporary Works Schedule as per the guidelines set in BS 5975 so the Temporary Works required can be clearly seen, programmed and costed for the project.
  • Produce draft Temporary Works Procedures and Documents for the management of the Temporary Works on site.
  • Look at Temporary Works resources required both for personnel and equipment, utilising the teams experience, knowledge and agreements with Temporary Works suppliers of equipment.


  • Further to the services mentioned previously.
  • The 3RM team can assess the proposed construction / demolition and review to ensure the best Temporary Works solution for the requirements of the project.
  • The 3RM team can effectively manage and run all of the Temporary Works required for the project, from design, programming, costing, resourcing and then installing and removing on site.


  • Further to the services mentioned previously.
  • The 3RM team can provide full management of the Temporary Works required or provide everything that is required for the client to effectively manage the Temporary Works as required.

3RM can provide any range of services as required for the project to ensure the best Temporary Works solution has been selected and the project is delivered safely, to the agreed programme and to the costs agreed.

Using our design and on-site experience and knowledge of Temporary Works we can ensure the correct Temporary Works and construction / demolition methods are employed and undertaken at the correct points in the project programme.

We can provide early Temporary Works input to the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) stages of a project to ensure constructability of the Permanent Works are fully understood and possible areas of risk are clearly highlighted so they can be costed and programmed into the project proposal.

At the estimating stages of projects we can help develop the best Temporary Works solution for the project. Ensuring safety, minimising project durations (where possible), minimising Temporary Works costs and hence minimising the overall project costs.

3RM can assess companies Temporary Works requirements create and develop the correct procedures and management structure to ensure Temporary Works are adequately managed and controlled.

Likewise 3RM can be sub-contracted to provide a management service of your companies Temporary Works if that is seen as the most beneficial and safest way to do so.
Once on site 3RM can provide Temporary Works Coordinators, Designers and Supervisors to ensure your Temporary Works are maximised to deliver the project safely, on time and on budget, as well as Temporary Works Training.

As a company 3RM can offer many more services so please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements and we will provide professional and honest advice.


If you have any questions regarding 3RM please feel free to contact us using our form on the right. Alternatively email us, or simply give us a ring. We will be more than happy to help.

Please make sure you put a valid email address. Thanks.